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Ladybug – SALES

they are just adorable that you would want to take to everywhere and play with it! that are jewelry box! the part that we like the most is its wings, there are 2 layers of it and who would guess that under the beautiful crystalise wing is actually a space to store your precious accessories!

RM 59 RM45
size: 8.3 x 6.5 x 4 (h) cm

below are the details:
lb or wings
lb red wings
lb or inside
this is where u can store all your precious

lb-upside down
even there are details under it

lb box
come with a box to protect it


safari main
to tame a wild life animal is not easy, but these babies over here are easily to be tame and will sits on your wrist whole day without making a fuss~! how nice and of course to help the owner to get some attention too!
safari details
BBRG06-safari-01 | white-reserved by Shaqreena | black -reserved by claudia
RM35 each

BBRG06-safari-02-reserved by claudia

safari details02
safari details04
BBRG06-safari-03 | BBRG06-safari-04-reserved by rachel
RM 38 each

safari details06
safari details05
BBRG06-safari-05 | BBRG06-safari-06-reserved by claudia, BBRG06-safari-06
RM 33 each

BBRG06-safari-07 | BBRG06-safari-08
RM 29 each

RM 35 each


imagine this:
wake up in the morning of an early spring where flowers were still cover with frosted morning dew.
we got all the above scene framed and recreate a series of sweet colour rose cabochon that were reproduce from vintage molds. then the ever sparkling Swarovski crystal are added on the the petals, to ensure you will get some heads turns.🙂

* to ‘frost’ the whole rose with swarovski crystal is possible, please write in for price quotation.
* for the month of May we are giving out free registered postage (within Malaysia) for this series.

you can have your pendent to be place in 2 style facing up or down.🙂
please state style A or B in your order form.
style A
style B

BNL05-01: fog green | snowy lilac
measurement of the chain: 50cm
size of rose cabchon: 44mm x 35mm
RM35 each

BNL05-01: aquamarine | ivory yellow
measurement of the chain: 50cm
size of rose cabchon: 44mm x 35mm
RM35 each

BNL05-01: lilac | pink coral pearl
measurement of the chain: 50cm
size of rose cabchon: 44mm x 35mm
RM35 each

BNL05-02: blossom
measurement of the chain: 50cm
Size: 70m x 35mm
RM38 each



Remember this breath-taking choker that was put on auction at Let There be Love fund raiser? Due to overwhelmed request, we are now putting it up for order~! aint it absolutely gorgeous? grantee you will be spotlight of the night~!
Hand made with vintage lace and contain 166 swarovski crystal and 30 fresh water pearls carefully hand sew together with A LOT of love. 🙂

BNL02-06 | RM74
measurement :
please allow one weekend upon completion for each order.
item will be pack nicely in an organza bag.🙂
* postage is included via pos ekspres.item will be

modern victorian

< back

as title mentioned, these are the evolution of the Victorian era, that was in the relationship between modernity and cultural. To us, they showcase prosperity, novelty elegance and prestigiousness. Embrace the beauty and pamper yourself with the eyes of admiration.

RM 24
material: black lace, bloody mary swarovski crystals

RM 19
material: black & white lace

RM 24
material: white lace, bloody mary swarovski crystals


bubbly cluster

< back

we would say these are perfect for you to look gorgeous for any occasions, work to dinner. with the pearls, they are simply sparks on any of your vintage outfit too.

ARG09-03 | ARG09-04 | ARG09-05
RM 20 a piece
materials: glass pearl, swarovski crystals
*advised to send through either poslaju or (registered) normal post.

amazing lace


lace and fabric in this post, are definitely something fresh for the eyes.

double necklace, swavorski stones and lace combination
demurely delicate one for the girls

item code: ANL08-16
measurements 1st chain:48cm, 2nd chain: 60cm
RM 25 each

floral prints as earrings? why not?

item code: AER08-10 | AER08-11 | AER08-12 | AER08-13
RM12 a pair

* only one piece available for each