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Chained: Gold

mix and match them… definitely instant glamorizer it just goes well with any outfit! ain’t it brilliant that you don’t have to crack your head trying to match your accessories with your outfit.
*promo* buy 2 for RM40 !
* keep away from perfume.

we got them in grey scale.
BBR07-C:GOLD-cream | BBR07-C:GOLD-light grey

BBR07-C:GOLD-dark grey | BBR07-C:GOLD-black

BBR07-C:GOLD-wine red | BBR07-C:GOLD-navy blue

if gold chains are not your cup of tea, u might want to visit Chained: Silver for silver ones.

ethnic blaze

feeling the sun, soaking in the sea, and sand, how could we not soak these blaze of goodies to match with your bikinis and beachwear this summer?

bnl05-01-mod bnl05-01
RM29 each

contemporary coconut shell art (adjustable length)
RM29 each

ceramics and mother of pearl
RM29 each

strands of coral-like beads
BNL05-04 (reserved by GL)
RM29 each

wood beads and strands colourful beads
BNL05-05 (reserved by GL)
RM29 each

strand of beads along spring
BNL05-06: blue (reserved by GL) | white
RM29 each

*not restockable



More lovely ear studs~!

these clay babies are delicate and demure for the girls from next door. we added some little laces, to complete them as for anyone would want to be as enchanted as you.

AES09-08: marshmallow pink, candlelight, blueberry
RM 12 each pair

AES09-09 | AES09-10
RM 12 each pair

AES09-11: white, violet | AES09-12 | AES09-13
RM 9 each pair

* all items in this post are only able to be delivered by Poslaju or Normal post service.

treasure of heart


everything hand-made, *soaked* with love, with heart, we love these pieces as much as we treasure everyone who likes what we are doing here. this is soak republic, and we are too excited to share, the lil treasure box can be opened.


item code: ABR08-03
RM 24.50 each
measurement: 17 cm (total length including lock)
for buyers who have bigger or smaller wrist please let us know.

item code: ABR08-04
RM 26.50 each
measurement: 17 cm (total length including lock)
for buyers who have bigger or smaller wrist please let us know.


playing with treasure box, key, flowers and a touch of ribbon
item code: ANL08-15
RM 26.50 each
measurement: 76 cm (total length)

key to my heart 1

item code: ANL08-13
RM 25 each
status: 1 piece

key to my heart 2

item code: ANL08-16
RM 27 each
status: 2 piece

listen to the sea. for someone who loves sea

item code: ANL08-17 : RM 24 | ANL08-14 : RM 25

ANL08-17 materials: sea shell, turquoise stones, swarovski crystal, platinum plaited chain
ANL08-14 materials: painted raw silver fish charm, swarovski crystal, platinum plaited chain

designed by soak republic. all rights reserved.

back to nature


when you are looking at what is the latest trend, what is the hottest thing on the runway, why not just sit back and relax. look at what we really need to look at, embrace what embraced us… be yourself and chill. we have some themes, coincidently, they are somehow related to the 5 elements.

emerald water, basic down-to-earth, coal and fire

item code: ABG08-04 (medium) | ABG08-05 (medium) | ABG08-06 (small)
RM 22 a pair

golden wood

item code: ABG08-07 | ABG08-08 | ABG08-09 | ABG08-10 (from left)
ABG08-07: RM28
ABG08-08: RM16

ABG08-09 | ABG08-10
materials: solid wood piece

hand painted – banana leaf & floral patterns

item code: ABG08-11 | ABG08-12
RM22 each

brass variation: lined, faceted, engraved

item code: ACF08-03 | ACF08-04 | ACF08-05 (from left)
RM23 each

* all items are only one piece available for each design
* not re-stock-able
* all items in this post are advised to use either poslaju or normal postage service, due to the thickness of them, we can’t put them in pos ekspress.

born to be together


This summer, other than that romantic The Incredible Hulk story, we have got a lil story to tell you too. You got to believe this, that this pair of bracelet are came in one bigger size and another smaller size, by chance, no lie. We didn’t mean to put them as a couple bracelet, but they seemed like meant to be together. So for you who thinks that you and your another half have this feeling for each other, you should get this current one and only pair of bracelets from us, and wear them to tell the world that both of you are born to be together~!

item code: ABR06-S1 (reserved)
price: RM 29 ( a set = 2 units as picture shown )
material: coconut shell, colorful dyed strings

*only one set available
*temporarily not restockable

artistic shock series one


Items featured in this series are strongly recommended to mix and match with our trilogy of artistic shock series. Complete the picture with our artistic shock series two and artistic shock series three !

specialty: when these bells are in/with water, they sound really nice.

brass bells, colored glass beads

brass bells with red / pink glass beads

from left: ABR04-03 (16cm) | ABR04-06 (17cm)
RM22 each
Click on picture to view larger image

from left: ABR04-07 (17cm) | ABR04-08 (17cm)
RM22 (£4.30) each
Click on picture to view larger image